Bio-Cyber-Physical System Virtual Incubation Program


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BITS BioCyTiH Foundation under its entrepreneurship development vertical intends to support individual innovators and start-ups pursuing innovative entrepreneurship in the interdisciplinary areas of Bio-Cyber-Physical System (Bio-CPS). To initiate the entrepreneurship development activities and promoting Bio-CPS innovations, the Foundation launches Bio-CPS Virtual Incubation Program (Bio-CPS VIP) to digitally onboard innovators and start-ups focused on Bio-CPS based products and technologies with applications across healthcare, agriculture, water and environment sectors.

The program will facilitate incubatees through digital connect overcoming barriers of spatially distinct locations, and will support their early-stage entrepreneurial journey by providing Incubation Services, including but not limited to, mentoring, business advisory, networking, industry connect, investment and fundraising opportunities, and access to the state-of-the art R&D infrastructure. The program facilitates connection of innovators and start-ups with the industries in the Bio-CPS domain to facilitate collaboration, technology transfer, and provide opportunities of scale-up and business development.

To know more about the program, admission process and offerings, click on BIO-CPS VIP – Detailed Notification